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The IFIP WG 2.16 (Language Design) has a flickr group for photos of the meetings.

This week the following question was posed (and not properly answered) on the Stratego/XT mailing list and came up independently in a discussion with Peter Mosses about the syntax of OCaml. I had seen the problem and a solution to it before. I think it was Martin Bravenboer who used it in the syntax of AspectJ; but I can’t find the source.

The Problem

The expression

    x + if y then z + a

should be parsed to the following abstract syntax tree:

    Plus(Var("x"), If(Var("y"), Plus(Var("z"), Var("a"))))

The problem is that this cannot be solved directly using ambiguous binary expressions and just priorities and associativity declarations in SDF. But that does not mean there is no solution.

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I started using github last year for the code of my blog application. Now we have started the migration of source code of projects at the TU Delft SLDE group from existing subversion repositories to github as well. Rather than a big bang migration, we’re incrementally moving projects over, starting with smaller libraries such as my elib library for WebDSL. We’re collecting WebDSL projects in the webdsl organization. We’ll be starting with the migration of the Spoofax/SDF/Stratego repositories in December. At least this move will relieve us of having to maintain our own subversion server (although this migration will take a while), and hopefully it will lower the barrier for external contributions.

The TU Delft Software Engineering Research Group SERG has an opening for a Assistant or Associate Professor in Software Engineering. Prospective candidates are invited to apply before December 13, 2012.

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Candidates with a research interest in Domain-Specific Languages, Software Language Engineering, Language Workbenches are encouraged to apply.