It is always a nice exercise at the start of the year to make a plan for all the great papers to write and where to submit them. This is what was on the whiteboard in January 2010:

publication plans 2010

It is an exercise for the reader to figure out what actually materialized when, but here are a few pointers:

It is January again, and there's a new list with great plans on the whiteboard.

These photos were posted on the same day as they were taken (June 23, 2006). But they were non-public in my flickr stream, because they resulted from the first discussion I had with Martin Bravenboer about composition of parse tables, which would only lead to a publication in 2008.

plus with mul is ...

combining micro parse tables

I uploaded a selection of my photos from OOPSLA 2009 to flickr, including these:

barbara liskov
Barbara Liskov

dave ungar
Dave Ungar

As we are migrating our repositories from Subversion to git, I'm going through old repositories searching for uncommitted changes. I came across this set of slides for an invited talk at the Seminar on Transformation Techniques in Software Engineering held in Dagstuhl in April 2005. It provides an overview of ideas underlying Stratego and Spoofax with references to the literature, and may be of interest to new generations learning to use these tools.

The DSL Engineering book by Markus Voelter and a bunch of contributing authors has been published! The book discusses design and implementation of domain-specific languages with modern language workbenches. The book uses Xtext, MPS, and Spoofax as example workbenches. It is available for a very reasonable price. So if you are interested in designing and implementing DSLs you should certainly give it a try.