Nov 16, 2012Spoofax Modelware
Nov 15, 2012Recommended Publications
Oct 10, 2012Natural and Flexible Error Recovery for Generated Modular Language Environments
Sep 28, 2012Declarative Name Binding and Scope Rules
Sep 27, 2012Grammarware Memes
Sep 16, 2012Advanced Faceted Search in Researchr
Sep 12, 2012Automated Evaluation of Syntax Error Recovery
Sep 10, 2012The Spoofax Name Binding Language
Sep 10, 2012Embrace the Remix
Sep 9, 2012Responsive Design
Aug 31, 2012Modular Robotics Impressions
Aug 29, 2012Student Paper Award OOPSLA 2010
Aug 8, 2012Software Development Environments on the Web - A Research Agenda
Jun 2, 2012Graduation Ali Mesbah
May 3, 2012Summer School on Language Frameworks
Apr 14, 2012Code Generation Celebrities
Apr 14, 2012Jan Heering Retirement Photos
Apr 1, 2012SERG Kickoff 2009
Mar 11, 2012London Meeting
Feb 20, 2012Loss Aversion or a Shared Pool of Knowledge
Feb 13, 2012First Week of Programming Scala in the Browser
Jan 20, 2012A Language Generic Solution for Name Binding Preservation in Refactorings
Jan 20, 2012Declarative Specification of Template-Based Textual Editors
Jan 20, 2012Research Position in Deep Integration of Domain-Specific Languages
Jan 7, 2012A Command Line Interpreter for Spoofax
Jan 7, 2012Methods and Techniques for the Design and Implementation of Domain-Specific Languages
Dec 29, 2011Spoofax 1.0
Dec 11, 2011Building Blocks for Language Workbenches
Dec 10, 2011Chiaroscuro
Nov 7, 2011Usability Zen: To Improve Reliability I have to Destroy your Backups