Oct 23, 2009An Eclipse Editor for WebDSL
Oct 18, 2009Take the red PIL (or choose any other color you like)
Oct 10, 2009The Big Scheme of Things: Episode 2 -- Templates
Oct 5, 2009Integration of Data Validation and User Interface Concerns in a DSL for Web Applications
Oct 4, 2009Quine In Stratego
Oct 3, 2009Abstractions for Mobile Applications (Postdoc Position)
Sep 21, 2009The Big Scheme of Things: Episode 1
Sep 9, 2009PIL: A Platform Independent Language for Retargetable DSLs
Aug 27, 2009Weaving Web Applications with WebDSL
Aug 26, 2009For Researchers, by Researchers
Jul 8, 2009Stratego/XT 0.17 Released
Jun 10, 2009Preventing injection attacks with syntax embeddings
May 30, 2009Stratego/XT Machine for Code Generation 2009
May 23, 2009Domain-Specific Languages for Composable Editor Plugins
May 10, 2009Adding Error Recovery to Scannerless Generalized-LR Parsing
May 2, 2009A Textual DSL for creating Visual Diagrams
Apr 30, 2009WebDSL: A Domain-Specific Language for Web Applications
Apr 13, 2009Blog Abstraction (Twitter)
Apr 6, 2009Creating Domain-Specific Languages with Stratego/XT
Apr 2, 2009researchr.org
Mar 7, 2009Photographing Conferences
Mar 5, 2009Example-Driven Research
Feb 25, 2009MODELS + GPCE + SLE in Denver
Jan 1, 2009Happy new year
Dec 19, 2008Parse Table Composition
Dec 15, 2008Talking about Parsing
Dec 12, 2008Decorated Attribute Grammars
Nov 13, 2008Full Moon
Jul 11, 2008WebWorkFlow: An Object-Oriented Workflow Modeling Language for Web Applications
Jul 11, 2008Heterogenous Coupled Evolution