not a fan of fireworks

This is my favourite portrait of Bente at the moment. It is also the most recent. Bente is a great model, not only because she has fantastic blue eyes, but also because she lacks the selfconciousness of the elderly (that is, above age 4).

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happy new year

I have a new website where I intend to collect my various web manifestations. In particular, this serendipity based blog replaces my blogger blog. I’m lagging behind with blogs I wanted to write or even drafted, so I may be ante dating some of my blogs to place them in the chronological context where they belong; so pay attention to the recent entries column.

I’m also going to use this site to provide a gallery of my photo work. While you can see all my photos on my flickr account, where you may comment on photos, I’ll use the photo department to present the work in a more minimalistic web presentation than is provided by flickr. I’ve started with a little php-based web application called Satelliteā„¢, but that requires heavy custumization; so that is under construction. One of the nice features of serendipity is that it supports categorization of blog entries. So I will be less inhibited to blog about other subjects than program transformation. In particular, I’ll be blogging about my photo work.

While my research will mostly be presented at my work homepage, I may start a dependance here at some point as well. I have some vague ideas about an attractive presentation of research results.

dead tree at crater lake

A while ago I borrowed a photo film scanner from Arthur van Dam. During the holidays I finally came around to setting it up and applying it to a few of the heaploads of negatives I have sitting in boxes. Sometimes with very good results.

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Like the eskimos have lots of words for snow, the dutch have lots of words for train delays. `Wisselstoring’ means so much as ‘the train is stopping here, we’re not sure if and when you can continue your journey, maybe not today, in the meantime you can wait on an overcrowded platform in Gouda. If you can find a train to The Hague, you won’t be able to move from there for a while either. If you then decide to take some pictures instead of hanging out in the station, you discover that your camera carries no CF card, so you better buy one. Take some pictures of bubbles in townhall. When finally arriving in Delft discover that you forgot your bike key, so you have to walk all the way, to arrive on campus 2 hours late.’ Pretty sophisticated language, huh?

stratego rules

The Stratego User Days were held at Delft University of Technology with good attendance adn good talks. Here are some pictures from the event.

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