Separation of Concerns in Language Definition

April 23, 2014

This morning I gave a keynote talk at Modularity 2014 about declarative meta-languages in Spoofax. The abstract of the talk was published in the proceedings.

Abstract: Effectively applying linguistic abstraction to emerging domains of computation requires the ability to rapidly develop software languages. However, a software language is a complex software system in its own right and can take significant effort to design and implement. We are currently investigating a radical separation of concerns in language definition by designing high-level declarative meta-languages specialized to the various concerns of language definition that can be used as the single source of production quality (incremental) semantic operations and as a model for reasoning about language properties.

Separation of Concerns in Language Definition from Eelco Visser

Note that a considerable part of the talk consisted of demonstration, which is not reflected in the slides. I added the Spoofax project that I used in the demo to github.