Oct 27, 2018Scopes as Types
Aug 29, 2018Scalable incremental building with dynamic task dependencies
Jul 24, 2018Spoofax: Live Programming Language Design
Apr 20, 2018PIE: A Domain-Specific Language for Interactive Software Development Pipelines
Apr 20, 2018Towards Zero-Overhead Disambiguation of Deep Priority Conflicts
Feb 7, 2018TU Delft Programming Languages Playlist
Jan 10, 2018Intrinsically Typed Definitional Interpreters for Imperative Languages
Dec 13, 2017TU Delft Programming Languages Group
Nov 7, 2017FlowSpec: Declarative Dataflow Analysis Specification
Jul 5, 2017IceDust 2: Derived Bidirectional Relations and Calculation Strategy Composition
Jun 22, 2017Scope Graphs: A Fresh Look at Name Binding in Programming Languages
Aug 5, 2016Scopes Describe Frames: A Uniform Model for Memory Layout in Dynamic Semantics
Jul 27, 2016IceDust: Incremental and Eventual Computation of Derived Values in Persistent Object Graphs
May 8, 2016Printed
Mar 11, 2016A Bunch of Language Engineering Researchers
Jan 9, 2016A Constraint-based Approach to Name Binding and Type Checking using Scope Graphs
Oct 21, 2015Vacancy for an Assistant Professor in Programming Languages
Sep 28, 2015Declare Your Language at EPFL
Sep 27, 2015Personal Conference Schedules in Researchr
Sep 17, 2015A Constraint Language for Static Semantic Analysis based on Scope Graphs
Sep 5, 2015Test Your Programming Skills in WebLab Programming Competitions
Aug 31, 2015A Domain-Specific Content Management System for Managing Large Conference Websites
Jul 11, 2015Type-Dependent Name Resolution
Jun 17, 2015A Fast and Loose LBNF to SDF3 Converter
Jun 13, 2015Declare Your Language - A Spoofax Book in Progress
May 1, 2015DynSem - A DSL for Dynamic Semantics Specification
Mar 9, 2015Automating Feedback & Assessment in WebLab
Jan 30, 2015A Theory of Name Resolution
Nov 26, 2014A Language Designer’s Workbench. A one-stop shop for implementation and verification of language designs
Nov 4, 2014PhD Student Postion in Automatic Grading and Tutoring