Invitation to attend the symposium on

    The Future of Programming

    followed by the inaugural speech of Eelco Visser

    TU Delft, 16 and 17 January 2014

    Register now at https://eelcovisser.org/wiki/future-of-programming

    Registration includes lunch and is free, but seating is limited


    ## Symposium

    Software systems are the engines of modern information society. Our ability to cope 
    with the increasing complexity of software systems is limited by the programming 
    languages we use to build them. Bridging the gap between domain concepts and 
    the implementation of these concepts in a programming language is one of the core 
    challenges of software engineering. Modern programming languages have considerably 
    reduced this gap, but often still require low-level programmatic encodings of domain 

    On Thursday January 16 and Friday January 17, 2014, TU Delft hosts a symposium 
    on the future of programming, which will provide an overview of the challenges in 
    software development and programming languages and visions to their solution from 
    different angles by a line-up of distinguished national and international speakers 
    from academia and industry.

    The symposium is followed by the inaugural speech of Eelco Visser on the occasion 
    of his appointment as Antoni van Leeuwenhoek Professor at TU Delft.

    ## Speakers

    The following distinguished speakers have confirmed their participation:

    * Arie van Deursen (TU Delft): On software changes, large and small. Versioning in the Maven ecosystem
    * Brandon Hill (Oracle Labs): DSL engineering in industry (Spoofax at Oracle Labs)
    * Erik Meijer (TU Delft/Applied Duality): Reactive programming 
    * Guido Wachsmuth (TU Delft): Meta-languages for language design
    * Harry Buhrman (UvA/CWI): Programming quantum computers
    * John Hughes (Chalmers): The future of testing
    * Manuel Serrano (INRIA): From PCs to tablets: Programming the diffuse Web
    * Markus Püschel (ETH): Teaching computers to write fast libraries
    * Markus Völter (Itemis): mbeddr: Extensible languages for embedded software engineering
    * Sebastian Erdweg (TU Darmstadt): Library-based language extensions in SugarJ
    * Stefan Hanenberg (U. Duisburg): Empirical evaluation of programming language constructs
    * Tiark Rompf (EPFL): Lightweight modular staging

    ## Inaugural Speech Eelco Visser

    The symposium is followed by Eelco Visser's inaugural speech 

        "Programming Languages shape Computational Thinking" 

    on January 17, 2014 at 15:00 in the TU Delft Aula.

    ## Registration

    More information and registration at 

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