mbeddr: Extensible Languages for Embedded Software Engineering

markus voelter

Abstract: The future of programming inevitably involves future programming paradigms, languages and tools. One such paradigm is the idea of modular languages where (domain-specific) language extensions can be added to a base language, in a modular fashion, as first-class citizens. In terms of tools, language workbenches enable this kind of language modularity by making language and IDE development much easier compared to manually building parsers, linkers and editors. In particular, projectional language workbenches support essentially unlimited extension and composition, while also enabling the use of a wide range of notations including text, symbols, tables and graphics. One particular programming language that exploits this paradigm is mbeddr. It relies on the JetBrains MPS language workbench and provides an extensible set of integrated languages for embedded software engineering. The talk centers around mbeddr and MPS as a case study for extensible languages built with projectional language workbenches.

Bio: Markus Völter works as an independent researcher, consultant and coach for itemis AG in Stuttgart, Germany. His focus is on software architecture, model-driven software development and domain specific languages as well as on product line engineering. Markus also regularly writes (articles, papers, books) and speaks (trainings, conferences) on those subjects. Contact him via

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