I have the pleasure to work or have worked with the following members of my research group and visitors.

Interested in working with me? I have openings for PhD and postdoc positions.



  1. Eelco Visser (Full Professor)
  2. Guido Wachsmuth (Assistant Professor)


  1. Pierre Neron (VICI) 2013-2015
  2. Casper Bach Poulsen (VICI) 2015-2017

PhD Students

  1. Danny Groenewegen (MoDSE/ASSESS) 2008-2014.
  2. Gabriël Konat (LangLib; NWO) 2012-2017
  3. Vlad Vergu (Spoofax; Oracle) 2012-2017
  4. Luís Eduardo Souza Amorim (Parsing) 2014-2018
  5. Daco Harkes (VICI) 2014-2018
  6. Hendrik van Antwerpen (VICI) 2015-2019
  7. Opening (VICI) 2015-2019
  8. Opening (Education Research) 2015-2019


  1. Elmer van Chastelet (WebLab; Conf) 2013-2016

Master's Students


  1. Jeffrey Goderie (CERN) 2 Volker Lanting (language testing)
  2. Daniël Pelsmaeker (IDE portability)


  1. Joey Ezechiëls
  2. Jeff Smits (optimization)
  3. Hendrik van Antwerpen (type constraints)



  1. Guido Wachsmuth (Oracle Labs) 2012-2013
  2. Guido Wachsmuth: (MoDSE) 2009-2012
  3. Lennart Kats: (LB) 2011-2012
  4. Eelco Dolstra (PDS) 2009-2012
  5. Eelco Dolstra (CEDICT/LaQuSo Buildfarm) 2008-2009
  6. Martin Bravenboer (MoDSE) 2007-2008
  7. Eelco Dolstra (TraCE) 2005-2008
  8. Merijn de Jonge (TraCE) 2004-2012

PhD Students

software language design and engineering group

  1. Markus Voelter: Generic Tools, Specific Languages (mbeddr; external) 2010-2014
  2. Maartje de Jonge: Language-parametric Techniques for Language-Specific Editors (MoDSE) 2009-2012
  3. Sander van der Burg (PDS; NWO) 2008-2012
  4. Sander Vermolen: Software Language Evolution (MoDSE) 2007-2011
  5. Zef Hemel: Methods and Techniques for the Design and Implementation of Domain-Specific Languages MoDSE 2007-2011
  6. Lennart Kats: Building Blocks for Language Workbenches (TFA) 2007-2011
  7. Martin Bravenboer: Exercises in Free Syntax (TraCE) 2003-2007
  8. Anya Helene Bagge: Constructs & Concepts. Language Design for Flexibility and Reliability. (Bergen University), 2003-2007
  9. Karl Trygve Kalleberg: Abstractions for Transformations (Bergen University), 2003-2007
  10. Eelco Dolstra: The purely functional software deployment model; TraCE, 2001-2005
  11. Karina Olmos: DSP Transformation (Philips) 2000-2005


  1. Rob Vermaas: CEDICT/LaQuSo Buildfarm (TUD),2009-2011
  2. Rob Vermaas: DSP Transformation (Utrecht University), 2004-2005

Master's students


  1. Daco Harkes: relational programming
  2. Chris Melman: data synchronization for mobile applications


  1. Richard Vogelij: Generating Web-based Semantically Aware Source Code Editors
  2. Willem Bult: Musubi: Middleware for Secure Mobile Collaborative Applications (at Stanford)
  3. Wouter van Koppen: The MetaForma Language (at University of Southern Denmark)
  4. Oskar van Rest: Robust real-time synchronization between textual and graphical editors (at University of Queensland)
  5. Chris Gersen: ORM optimization through automatic prefetching in WebDSL
  6. Elmer van Chastelet: A DSL for internal site search
  7. Nathan Bruning: Separate compilation as a separate concern
  8. Ricky Lindeman: Declaratively defining domain-specific language debuggers
  9. André Miguel Simões Dias Vieira: A generic and automatic test strategy for compiler testing


  1. Tobi Vollebregt: Declarative Specification of Template-Based Textual Editors
  2. Vlad Vergu: LabBack: an extendible platform for secure and robust in-the-cloud automatic assessment of student programs
  3. Gabriël Konat: Language-parametric incremental and parallel name resolution (cum laude)
  4. Pieter Senster: The design and implementation of Google Swiffy: a Flash to HTML5 converter (at Google) (cum laude)


  1. Sverre Rabbelier: Web IDEs
  2. Nami Nasserazad: DSL Re-targetability


  1. Ruben Verhaaf: workflow (NICTA, Australia)
  2. Jonathan Guzman: Java generators (TOPDesk)
  3. Wouter Mouw: legacy transformation (De Amersfoortse)
  4. Michel Weststrate: abstractions for AJAX


  1. Sander van der Burg: distributed deployment of model-based software
  2. Jippe Holwerda: styling web applications
  3. Nicolas Pierron: attribute grammars in Stratego (Epita)
  4. Danny Groenewegen: Declarative access control for WebDSL
  5. Gerardo de Geest: DSL evolution


  1. Jonathan Joubert: From REST to Rich: Retargetting a DSL to Ajax
  2. Rob Schellhorn: Framework Aware Domain Extraction and Refactoring of Java Applications
  3. Lennart Kats: mixing source and byte code (UU)
  4. Jeroen Dobbe: A Domain-Specific Language for Computer Games
  5. Sander Mak: DSL interaction (UU)


  1. Roy van den Broek: Continuous integration and release management
  2. Armijn Hemel: NixOS (Eelco Dolstra)
  3. Jory van Zessen: Optimization of functional programs
  4. Bogdan Dumitriu: Extensible and customizable data-flow transformation strategies for object-oriented programs


  1. Koen Muilwijk: Automated analysis of unit tests to improve understanding of software systems
  2. Remko van Beusekom: A Vectorizer for Octave (Karina Olmos) (Feb. 2005)
  3. Rene de Groot: Design and implementation of embedded domain-specific languages (Martin Bravenboer) (Sep 2005)
  4. Niels Janssen: Transformation Tool Composition
  5. Eric Eijkelenboom: Trends in software evolution (Software Improvement Group)
  6. Robert Verrips: Methods for software migration


  1. Arthur van Dam: Extending dynamic rules (Feb. 2004)
  2. Rob Vermaas: Extendible Documentation Generator (thesis) (Feb. 2004)


  1. Jozef Kruger: Specification of Loop Optimizations in Stratego. Improving the AutoBayes System
  2. Martin Bravenboer: Connecting XML Processing and Term Rewriting with Tree Grammars
  3. Jonne van Wijngaarden : Code Generation from a Domain Specific Language
  4. Alan van Dam: Simplifying the Simplifier
  5. Robert Anisko: MetaTiger and partial evaluation (visiting from Epita)
  6. Otto Skrove Bagge: CodeBoost (Bergen University)


  1. Lennart Swart: Partial Evaluation with Rewrite Rules
  2. Hedzer Westra: CobolX


  1. Eelco Dolstra: RhoStratego
  2. Arne de Bruijn: Inlining strategies


  1. Karina Olmos: DSP Transformation


  1. Merijn de Jonge: Reusing ASF+SDF
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