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I lead the Software Language Design and Engineering research program. Our mission is to enable software engineers to effectively design, implement, and apply domain-specific languages. We are doing research in three tracks:

  • Language engineering: investigate the automatic derivation of efficient, scalable, incremental compilers and usable IDEs from high-level, declarative language definitions

  • Semantics engineering: investigate the automatic verification of the consistency of language definitions in order to check properties such as type soundness and semantics preservation

  • Language design: investigate the systematic design of domain-specific software languages with an optimal tradeoff between expressivity, completeness, portability, coverage, and maintainability.

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Name binding

Dynamic semantics

Integrated development environments

Transformation and analysis

Syntax definition and parsing

Language composition

Abstractions for web programming

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MetaBorg provides generic technology for allowing a host language (collective) to incorporate and assimilate external domains (cultures) in order to strengthen itself. The ease of implementing embeddings makes resistance futile.

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