I have plenty of opportunities for master projects related to my research interests. Most of the projects that I supervise are conducted at TU Delft. I sometimes supervise projects that are conducted at companies or other universities, provided they are related to my research interests. Please have a look at my publications and ongoing projects and let me know if you are interested in conducting a project in one of these directions.

Prospective students should read this.

Generating Web IDEs with language-aware editors

Integrated Development Environments (IDEs) provide strong support for editing programs much beyond plain text editing. Syntactic editor services such as syntax highlighting and syntax checking help in writing syntactically correct code and recognizing the code structure. Semantic editor services such as reference resolution and code completion assist the programmer using semantic knowledge about the program.

IDEs are still primarily desktop applications. However, like anything else, programming is moving to the web. For example, in the online learning applications such as WebLab. Creating Web IDEs requires redoing all the work of developing IDEs in a new architectural setting. It would be attractive to generated both desktop IDEs and Web IDEs from a single declarative language definition. In the paper 'Software development environments on the Web' we have described a first experiment in generating Web IDEs from Spoofax language definitions. This raised many research questions about the architecture for a Web IDE. In this project you will systematically investigate these research questions.

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