Research Group Alumni


Arjen Rouvoet | Postdoc 2021

Topic: AutoSound: Type safe interpretation and compilation

Project: Autosound

Casper Bach Poulsen | Postdoc 2015-2018

Topic: Type safe dynamic semantics, scopes-and-frames

Project: Language Designer's Workbench (NWO VICI)

Now: Assistant Professor at TU Delft

Michael Steindorfer | Postdoc 2018

Topic: Scope graphs

Project: Language Designer's Workbench (NWO VICI)

Now: Engineer at Apple

Pierre Néron | Postdoc 2013-2015

Topic: A theory of name resolution, scope graphs

Project: Language Designer's Workbench (NWO VICI)

Now: Senior Quantitative Developer at Standard Chartered Bank

Guido Wachsmuth | Postdoc 2009-2013

Project: MoDSE (NWO Jaquard) & Oracle ERO

Now: Senior Research Manager at Oracle Labs

Lennart Kats | Postdoc 2011-2012

Project: Spoofax Language Workbench

Now: Senior Staff Engineer at Databricks

Eelco Dolstra | Postdoc 2005-2012

Topic: NixOs and Hydra Buildfarm

Project: TraCE (NWO Jaquard), CEDICT/LaQuSo Buildfarm, PDS (NWO Jaquard)

Now: Senior Software Engineer at Tweag I/O

Martin Bravenboer | Postdoc 2007-2008

Project: Model-Driven Software Evolution (MoDSE) (NWO Jaquard)

Now: VP of Engineering at relationalAI

Merijn de Jonge | Postdoc 2004

Project: Transparent Configuration Environments (TraCE) (NWO/Jacquard)

Now: Founder MindYourPass

PhD Students

Alexander Chichigin | PhD Student / Developer

Topic: Web programming languages

Hendrik van Antwerpen | PhD Student 2015-2021

Topic: Statix: Declarative specification of static semantics

Project: Language Designer's Workbench (NWO VICI)

Now: Software engineer at github

Arjen Rouvoet | PhD Student 2017-2021

Dissertation: Correct by Construction Language Implementations

Project: Language Designer's Workbench (NWO VICI)

Co-supervised by Robbert Krebbers

Now: Postdoc at Delft PL

Jeff Smits | PhD Student 2016-2020

Topic: Transformation and analysis

Now: Postdoc at Delft PL

Vlad Vergu | PhD Student 2012-2018

Topic: Dynamic semantics specification, interpreter generation

Project: Oracle ERO

Now: Data scientist | Co-Founder

Luís Eduardo Souza Amorim | PhD Student 2014-2019

Dissertation: Declarative Syntax Definition for Modern Language Workbenches

Project: CAPES

Now: Postdoc at Australian National University

Gabriël Konat | PhD Students 2012-2019

Topic: Spoofax language workbench

Project: NWO Open Competition

Now: Postdoc at TU Delft

Daco Harkes | PhD Student 2014-2019

Topic: Declarative data modeling, incremental computing, IceDust

Project: Language Designer's Workbench (NWO VICI)

Now: Software Engineer at Google

Danny Groenewegen | PhD Student 2008-2016

Topic: Declarative Web Programming, WebDSL

Now: Academic Workflow Engineer at Delft PL

Markus Voelter | PhD Student 2010-2014

Dissertation: Generic Tools, Specific Languages

Now: Independent

Maartje de Jonge | PhD Student 2009-2012

Dissertation: Language-Parametric Techniques for Language-Specific Editors

Project: MoDSE

Project: PDS

Project: MoDSE

Project: MoDSE

Now: OLX Group

Project: TFA

Project: TraCE

Dissertation: Abstractions for Transformations

Project: TraCE

Project: DSP Transformation (Philips)


Olav de Haas | Student Programmer

Topic: Layout constraints

Project: Spoofax

Project: buildfarm


Project: Rust in Spoofax

Project: safe operator disambiguation

Master Students

Maarten Sijm | Master Student

Topic: Incremental generalized parsing

Phil Misteli | Master Student

Topic: Rename refactoring from static semantic specificiations

Luka Miljak | Master Student 2020-2021

Topic: Mechanical verification of declarative disambiguation

Bram Crielaard | Master Student 2019-2021

Topic: Dynamic semantics using scopes-as-frames

Aron Zwaan | Master Student 2019-2021

Topic: Multi-language type checking

Nick ten Veen | Master Student
Jeffrey Goderie | Master Student
Volker Lanting | Master Student
Taico Aerts | Master StudentStudents
Volker Lanting | Master Student
Taico Aerts | Master Student
Albert ten Napel | Master Student
Jeffrey Goderie | Master Student
Roelof Sol | Master Student
Olaf Maas | Master Student
Daniël Pelsmaeker | Master Student
Tim Rensen | Master Student
Martijn Dwars | Master Student
Jasper Denkers | Master Student