Program of the Future


Thursday, January 16, 2014

9:30 registration
9:45 opening
10:00 Markus Völter mbeddr: Extensible languages for embedded software engineering
10:30 Manuel Serrano From PCs to tablets: Programming the diffuse Web
11:00 break
11:30 Arie van Deursen On software changes, large and small. Versioning in the Maven ecosystem
12:00 Guido Wachsmuth Meta-languages for language design
12:30 lunch in foyer Aula
14:00 John Hughes The future of testing
14:30 Sebastian Erdweg Library-based language extensions in SugarJ
15:00 break
15:30 Daan Leijen Programming with effect
16:00 Tiark Rompf Lightweight modular staging in Scala
16:30 Herman Geuvers Dependently typed programming in Coq
17:00 day closing

Recordings of the talks

Friday, January 17, 2014

9:30 registration
9:45 opening
10:00 Erik Meijer Fundamentalist Functional Programming
10:30 Brandon Hill DSL engineering in industry -- Spoofax at Oracle Labs
11:00 break
11:30 Markus Püschel Teaching computers to write fast libraries
12:00 Harry Buhrman Programming quantum computers
12:30 Stefan Hanenberg Empirical evaluation of programming language constructs
13:00 lunch in foyer Aula
15:00 Eelco Visser Programming Languages shape Computational Thinking
Inaugural speech
16:00 Reception Aula


The inaugural speech is held in the auditorium of the aula of TU Delft. There is plenty of room as this photo shows.