Prospective Students

I like to work with intelligent and motivated students from bachelor to postdoc level. However, research funding is limited. So, if I don’t advertise a position, I probably don’t have one. For all positions, if you do send me an application email, make sure that you know my work. I ignore generic emails.

Bachelor Students

If you’re studying the Bachelor Computer Science at TU Delft, you’ll come across my course on Concepts of Programming Languages (TI2606). If you like the area and would like to prepare for a bachelor’s or master’s project in this direction come and talk to me.

Master’s Students

If you want to do a master’s thesis project under my supervision you need to be enrolled in the Computer Science Master program of TU Delft. Furthermore, you should take the compiler construction course (IN4303) and the language engineering project (IN4333).

Occasionally, I supervise master students from other universities. Your project should be closely aligned with my research. An introduction by your local advisor helps.

Student Programmers

Currently I have some funding for student programmers at the bachelor and master’s level. A student programmer typically works on software engineering tasks related to ongoing research projects. Come and talk with me if this interests you.

PhD Students

PhD studentships in The Netherlands are fully funded positions for a period of four years. This is nice for students, but means that such positions are only available when there is a grant. I will typically prominently advertise positions when I have them. So, it is not useful to apply if I don’t have an open position, unless you bring your own grant.


Postdocs are fully funded research positions. I will prominently advertise positions I have. If you are from another EU country and would like to work with me, we could explore the option of EU grants such as provided by the Marie Curie program.


Our department has no funding for internships. I may have some funding to cover housing costs, but you should expect to cover other expenses. Contact me if you are interested in working on my research.