Research Jobs in Software Language Engineering

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Due to a substantial research grant, the Software Language Design and Engineering Group has openings for postdocs and PhD students. PhD studentships are for four years and fully funded. We are looking for researchers with a strong background in one or more of the following topics:

  • type systems
  • type inference algorithms
  • program analysis
  • program transformation
  • compiler construction
  • theorem proving
  • verification of language definitions / compilers
  • mechanized meta-theory
More details about the positions and application procedure will be posted soon, but potential candidates are encouraged to get in touch with [[root() Eelco Visser]] after studying the work on Stratego/XT and Spoofax. Indicate your background in the areas above, how it relates to our work, and why you would be interested in working with us.

Requirements for PhD students

See background

We make a selection for PhD student positions based on the following requirements:

  • Formal requirements regarding prior education: you should have earned an MSc thesis at a recognized institute for higher education.
  • Background: you should have a strong background in software engineering in general and one or more of the topics above.
  • Excellence: your Grade-Point-Average should be above 8 (out of 10). Also your MSc thesis should have received a grade above 8 (out of 10).
  • English: you should be able to communicate well in English (written and oral)
  • Originality: your MSc thesis or later work (publications) should reflect some original ideas. Critical and independent thinking is very important.
  • Team player: you should be able to work well in a team of other project members.

Your resume should contain contact information of prior advisors/supervisors who can provide feedback.

Requirements for Postdocs

The requirements for PhD students apply. In addition, you should have completed a PhD thesis in computer science in one of the areas listed above. In addition, you should have a strong publication track record that can be inspected through a public Google Scholar profile.