Image Transformation

May 07, 2006

After many years, I finally have a new picture for my home page. Here is the transformation from December 1998 to May 2006:

<table width=80%> self => self => self </table>

Clearly the main reason for a new picture was the quality of the old one; I don’t look a day older, do I;-)

My renewed interest in photography was sparked by the discovery of autostitch, a tool that stitches together pictures from different parts of the same scene. It allows easy composition of panoramas such as the following picture of a canal in Amersfoort:

canal / bridge

It is composed from a bunch (10?) pictures taken by hand (no tripod) with my not so fantastic Samsung digital camera. Autostitch discovers how to put the pieces together.

It does not only work for landscape panoramas, as illustrated by the following 180 degrees interior shot:


It can also be used for funny things such as the following composition of three pictures I took back in 2004 at OOPSLA/GPCE in Vancouver of Martin Bravenboer and Jurgen Vinju:

Bravenboer & Vinju

Or even more surrealistic compositions with multiple occurrences of the same people:


See my autostitch experiments for more examples.

That was a fun diversion in the past week. I’ve neglected this blog for a while. Much has happened in the meantime, and there are many plans for new (program) transformation work. Now that I’ve found time for messing around with picture transformation, I expect I’ll find time for new blogs as well in the near future. Stay tuned. (I will mainly publish new photos at my flickr account.)