Career Evolution (Moving to Delft)

June 30, 2006

Last week I accepted a position as associate professor at the Software Engineering Group of Delft University of Technology. I will join forces there with Arie van Deursen who recently started at TUD as a full professor.

The ambition is to build a strong research group in the area of software engineering, based on our work in software evolution (Arie) and program transformation.

With NWO funding for a project on extensibility of transformation systems and one on model-driven software evolution my tenure at TUD can start full force. Of course, I will continue work on Stratego/XT and applications together with Martin Bravenboer, who will join me at TUD. I also hope to convince Eelco Dolstra to make the move to Delft. We are aiming at setting up a new buildfarm for supporting our own, but hopefully also other research projects.

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