Learn Stratego/XT at OOPSLA/GPCE

July 05, 2006

When you fill in the registration form for OOPSLA and GPCE don’t forget to check the G4 box for our (Martin, Karl and me) tutorial on Building Java Transformations with Stratego/XT. The tutorial will be held on Monday afternoon.

In this tutorial we give an overview of techniques for program transformation, illustrated through the Stratego/XT program transformation system. We explain the general architecture of transformation systems, and how Stratego/XT is used to assemble such systems from components. We introduce a set of ready made components for Java transformation, and show how to program custom transformation components using Stratego. In particular, we show how to express local transformations using rewrite rules and strategies and how context-sensitive transformations can be expressed easily using dynamic rewrite rules. All techniques and language features are illustrated with implementations of transformations on Java programs, that show how to apply all introduced techniques in practice.

See also the page on the GPCE’06 site.