Snow Hey Oh

February 08, 2007

Last Saturday we came back from a week in the snow in the French alpes. Luckily for us a fresh batch of snow (the first of the season) had fallen a couple of days before we left the Netherlands. So we actually had a chance to do some skiing. [And after that got a little boring on the one run that had decent snow left, we tried a little first-time hurtful snowboarding.] Besides the usual business of racing down, waiting for the lift, falling out of the lift, and working our way up the mountain, I had some time for a couple of photoshoots. Overall this was delightful; the weather was great all week (mostly clear skies) and the light reflecting on the snow makes for fantastic light conditions. [The only downside was the detection of dust that must be on the sensor of the EOS30D, since I established it wasn’t on the lens; still have to find out how to clean that. Luckily, photoshop comes to the rescue; a free cup of coffee for whoever finds spots on any of these photos.] Here are some samples from various genres.


the end is where it starts



after the crash a mountain of ice (kekker)
after the crash


And Janine took quite a decent portrait of me:

For more see the photoset on flickr or the one in the photo department.