Black & white portraits

February 18, 2007

On my photo archeological tour through the archives with my old negatives I found myself in 1985 this weekend. Early that year I had decided I wanted to go to artschool to pursue photography. While I had been walking around with a camera around my neck for a couple of years taking photos of everything and everyone, I decided I needed some `artful’ pictures to show off at the entrance exam. I did a bunch of photoshoots with different people, dia projectors, and balloons, most of which turned into pretty silly pictures. However, I also took quite a few good portraits. Here is a sample; more is in the full photoset on flickr or on black

an eye for art

One of the artschools, the AKI in Enschede, actually admitted me. Going over my archive of negatives that didn’t do any good for my photographic skills. At least in the first year I was at artschool I couldn’t find anything quite as good as the stuff I took before. Technically I didn’t advance, and the equipment at the school was not an improvement over the darkroom I had built at home. Rather than mixing ones own chemicals, you were supposed to dip your films in the communal pools. Also a darkroom next to a metal workshop was not a good idea.