Harsh Light, Vast Landscapes

August 08, 2007

Back from two weeks vacationing in the french alpes, which concludes the scenic part of the vacation. The remaining week is dedicated to home improvement, sleeping in a proper bed, and of course postprocessing the numerous photos taken.

While it was mostly blazingly hot with that very harsh sunlight that makes most photography pointless (at least I don’t do very well under those circumstances), we had some days with the most amazing light. One of those was the very first day when we had just arrived at the camping a la ferme near St Baudille-et-Pipet. We had been driving through pouring rain, wondering if we should not turn around. But nearing Mens, the sun broke through the clouds and the hills were covered in beautiful light. I had already been itching to stop and take pictures, so when we finally arrived at the camping just before sunset I ran from the car with my camera and took as many pictures as possible. The following shots are from that first half hour at the camping. More pictures will appear in this flickr set.