www.webdsl.org online

December 23, 2007


Since my last blog post I have been pretty busy teaching a course on programming languages, and developing a web application for the webdsl.org site. It is now finally online. We presented the first release of WebDSL last Thursday using a presentation embedded in the webdsl.org site in the MoDSE Colloquium. As should be the case, the database crashed midway the presentation (probably due to a corruption of the filesystem of the virtual machine we were using), but after a short break and some frantic hacking we got the presentation back on track. By now the site is available outside the TU Delft firewall. The site includes a wiki (with page history), blogs, forums, news items, and an issue tracker. Proper user management should avoid the user registration spam disaster that we experienced with previous (T)wikis. The aim is to evolve the application into a full blown software project management and community site that should be usable by other projects as well. For starters, I am now working on migrating the Stratego/XT and Program Transformation wikis to (clones of) the webdsl.org application. While usable and useful, the application can be improved in numerous ways.