Stratego: 10 years

May 08, 2008
Dear author,

We are pleased to inform you that your paper entitled

     Building Program Optimizers with Rewriting [Strategies]

has been accepted for presentation at ICFP'98. In a next message, you
will receive reviews from the Program Committee that we hope you can
use to improve the final draft, which is due on July 14th. We will
also be sending you an ACM Copyright Release form, which must be
signed and returned by the same deadline.

Congratulations, and thank you for your submittal to ICFP'98.

  Paul Hudak
  Christian Queinnec
  co-Chairs, ICFP'98 Program Committee

The text of an email from June 21, 1998 that announced the acceptance at ICFP’98 of the first paper on Stratego written with Zino Benaissa and Andrew Tolmach. The implementation of the language for the paper marked the first version of the language and compiler. The idea of traversal strategies had been done before embedded in ASF+SDF. Just before the conference in September I managed to bootstrap the compiler. The language did not have a name in that paper yet. And the reviews were not very enthusiastic.