Creating Domain-Specific Languages with Stratego/XT

April 06, 2009

At the Code Generation 2009 conference, Lennart Kats and I will give a hands-on tutorial about building DSLs with Stratego/XT. The program says it thus:

Stratego/XT is a state-of-the art language and toolset for the development of domain-specific language implementations. In this session the participants learn to use Stratego/XT, by developing a generator for a small DSL for web applications generating PHP. The tutorial covers declarative syntax definition with SDF, code generation by model transformation, and model-to-model transformation by rewriting. The tutorial is based on a course in model-driven software development developed at Delft University of Technology.

NB Since this is a hands-on session places are strictly limited. Please let us know whether you plan to attend this session when you book your conference place. Places will be allocated on a first-come first-served basis.