Stratego/XT 0.17 Released

July 08, 2009

Stratego/XT 0.17 is now available from

Stratego/XT 0.17 introduces major improvements across the board, including language additions, a new compiler library, numerous improvements to the compiler, significant changes to the library handling, new libraries for parsing, pretty printing and term validation, 64-bit support, stack traces and more.

For this release, over 200 outstanding issues have been addressed, much thanks to the efforts of external bug reporters and contributors.

The manual has been updated to reflect the changes made to the language and libraries, and the new libraries come with up-to-date source code documentation.

This release of Stratego/XT has taken a while to be promoted to a major release. After the release of 0.16 we had decided that ‘major releases’ were an archaic notion, since most users subscribe to the continuous integration builds produced by the buildfarm. However, major releases do provide stable baselines and a better indication of progress of the project. To improve clarity and stability we are changing the release policy. Our goal is to release a new major version of Stratego/XT every few months.