Performing Systematic Literature Reviews with Researchr

May 03, 2010

Eelco Visser. Performing Systematic Literature Reviews with Researchr: Tool Demonstration. Technical Report TUD-SERG-2010-010, Software Engineering Research Group, Delft University of Technology, Delft, The Netherlands, May 2010. [researchr]

In this paper, I describe the integrated workflow for performing systematic reviews with researchr, a web application for management of bibliographic data. Researchr semantically links publications to authors, journals, proceedings, and conferences, supporting reliable browsing. Publications can be classified using public (shared) tags. Researchr has over a million publication records, mainly in computer science. The core of the collection is based on the DBLP database (as provided via its XML export), but is extended with contributions from users. Researchr is open for contributions; users can contribute missing publications and can make corrections to publication records in the database and add missing information such as abstracts and citations. The quality of such modifications is guarded by a reputation system. Users can use researchr to provide a profile of their research with publications. More importantly, the site supports literature reviews, by creating bibiographies, collections of publications about a topic of choice. In this paper I describe the elements of the systematic reviewing workflow in researchr.

Performing a systematic review consists of creating a bibliography, defining and executing a search strategy, defining classification schemes, and reviewing and classifying papers.