Starting Over

April 07, 2011

My former blog at died a while ago when my hosting provider set some PHP configuration parameters such that my self hosted serendipity blogging software only responded with error messages. I have been meaning to get back into blogging. I considered, and even created a Wordpress account. But I couldn’t import my old blog posts, and gave that up. As designer of a web programming language, I also decided that I should write my own blogging application. Last weekend, I had some spare time on a trip to Chamonix and finally wrote a blog + wiki app. So I’m starting over with blogging again. I hope to find some time to import my old posts here as well. There are also other things to start over with again.

It is almost five years since I moved to Delft University of Technology. I’ve started a new line of research in domain-specific language engineering resulting in WebDSL, Mobl, and the Spoofax Language Workbench. Later this year the first of the Delft generation of my PhD students is starting to graduate. In the meantime I’m thinking about where to take research next. We have already a couple of great ideas lined up; now we just need some funding.

With Markus Voelter I started writing a book on domain-specific languages.

On the teaching front, I started teaching a course on Concepts of Programming Languages for first year CS bachelor students this semester in which I use Scala (functional programming), C (memory management), and JavaScript (prototype inheritance) as example languages. There will be some development needed to get that course tuned.

And I hope to get back to doing some photography again, or rather get time to process the enormous backlog of taken pictures.

Plenty of projects to reflect upon.