A Command Line Interpreter for Spoofax

January 07, 2012

Karl Kalleberg has ported the command-line interpreter for Stratego to Spoofax:

Good news, boys and girls! If you happen to be a Stratego and/or Spoofax user, you might appreciate that I finally took some time to piece together an interactive command line interpreter—-a REPL—-for Spoofax.

This should improve experimentation and debugging. It is not clear from Karl’s post to what extent the REPL integrates with ones ‘Spoofax code’. Is it possible to call the analysis function used in the editor, or use origin tracking to the text of an editor? Looking forward to further reports and experiments.

Update: It turns out I had mis-interpreted Karl’s post. The REPL was an in-the-shell command line interpreter, much like the stratego-shell of yore, but now JVM-based. However, an integration of that shell in Eclipse-Spoofax is in the works.