Open Positions in Software Language Engineering

May 01, 2013

I have posted two open positions in Software Language Engineering in my group at TU Delft:

  • The Department of Software and Computer Technology of TU Delft has a four year PhD position in Programming Language Verification in the NWO VICI project “The Language Designer’s Workbench. Automating the Verification of Language Definition” of Eelco Visser.

  • The Department of Software and Computer Technology of TU Delft has a position for a WebDSL programmer to help us improve and expand The Department, a suite of web applications for organizing academic workflows developed using the state-of-the-art WebDSL web programming language.

More positions will be available in the (near) future. In particular, I’ll be looking for a Postdoc in language verification soon.

The last time I had open positions, I was extremely annoyed by the tediousness of managing applications by email. Of course, at that time I didn’t have WebDSL. Now, I do. So I developed a web application to manage the workflow of the job application process. Applicants submit their materials using a form that can be customized for each position. Reference letters can be requested at the push of a button and submitted with the application as well. Stakeholders in the position can record the discussion about each applicant. Communication with the applicant can also be done and recorded via the application. Applicants can be ranked with a simple up/down voting mechanism. With this application in place I’m actually looking forward to the process and your applications!

(Of course, the application is generic. If you are a job creator and need to support for the application workflow you can use Department Jobs too. Just create an account and get in touch with me to enable job creation.)