A new year, a new blog

January 01, 2007

happy new year

I have a new website http://www.eelcovisser.net where I intend to collect my various web manifestations. In particular, this serendipity based blog replaces my blogger blog. I’m lagging behind with blogs I wanted to write or even drafted, so I may be ante dating some of my blogs to place them in the chronological context where they belong; so pay attention to the recent entries column.

I’m also going to use this site to provide a gallery of my photo work. While you can see all my photos on my flickr account, where you may comment on photos, I’ll use the photo department to present the work in a more minimalistic web presentation than is provided by flickr. I’ve started with a little php-based web application called Satellite™, but that requires heavy custumization; so that is under construction. One of the nice features of serendipity is that it supports categorization of blog entries. So I will be less inhibited to blog about other subjects than program transformation. In particular, I’ll be blogging about my photo work.

While my research will mostly be presented at my work homepage, I may start a dependance here at some point as well. I have some vague ideas about an attractive presentation of research results.