Nice is not bad

January 14, 2007
nice is not bad

Nice (France) is not bad, once you down a bunch of sugar to boost the senses. I walked around town after arriving in the afternoon. It was a rather bland day today, even in nice (france), and I didn’t see much to shoot up. The coke did wonders, at least for the inspiration. I’ll have to see if the results are any good. I’m in town to attend the PEPM and POPL conferences. A report should follow soon. For more photos see the Nice photoset.

This photo is an HDR image. That is, it is composed from three exposures (2 stops apart), using photomatix. The three exposures are supossed to provide a High(er) Dynamic Range. Photomatix also supports ‘tonemapping’ to transform a HDR image to a JPG image (which you are seeing here). I took the three shots in one go using the continuous mode of the EOS30D without using a tripod. While I’m starting to get the hang of taking HDR shots and getting reasonable results with photomatix (I’m actually quite pleased with this one), I don’t understand the theory behind it. Should look that up one day. (However, most of the tutorial material on the web mostly consists of howtos and not whysos — but the result is what counts;)