Language Development with the Spoofax Language Workbench
The Spoofax Language Workbench is a programming environment for the development of language design with high-level declarative meta-languages. Spoofax generates a programming environment with editor services from a language definition. Spoofax provides a platform for the experimentation with linguistic abstractions for language engineering.
Name Resolution with Scope Graphs
Scope graphs provide a uniform framework for the representation of a wide range of title binding patterns in programming languages. A general theory of title resolution interprets scope graphs to resolve references to their corresponding declarations. Scope graphs are a core component of the Statix language for type system specification.
Incremental Software Pipelines with PIE
PIE is a domain-specific language and runtime for the specification of software pipelines and their incremental execution. PIE provides an expressive language for defining pipelines including dynamic dependencies, and guarantees efficient, precise and scalable incremental execution.
The WebDSL Web Programming Language
The WebDSL web programming language provides abstractions and consistency checking for data modeling, presentation, search, access control, and more.
Programming Education with WebLab
WebLab provides a web-based learning environment for programming education. Students write code in the browser, which is executed on the server. Submissions are graded based on unit tests. Instructors can develop and test assignments in the same environments that is used by students. WebLab supports proctored digital exams in which students only have access to the application. WebLab is currently used in 12 courses at TU Delft.
Conference Websites with
Hosting conference websites. Built with WebDSL